9 thoughts on “Half term review

  1. I realy enjoyed the lesson because it was exciting.Mrs Ghani was realy funny.At the end we was looking at the pictures and they was also funny.I lean’t how to make 3D shapes out of paper card.It was a art lesson.We was making a sculpture city.My favourite part was when we was looking on the pictures

  2. We learnt about exchanging,sculptures,writing story’s,recorders,addition,subtraction,overlapping,writing comments,donating,rugby,

  3. The most funniest thing I’ve heard is our class calling Mrs Ghani,Mr Ghani because it makes everybody laugh.
    The most enjoyable thing we do is making Paper sculptures in D.T. because it`s very relaxing.
    The most hardest session I do is Maths because the 4 times table messing with my brain.
    The most calmest lesson is Music because the recorders are soft and silent.

  4. At art we learnt how to make sculptures out of city at math we learnt how to exchanging and doing addition ,subtraction. I like art because it fun , nice.

  5. In the half term I learnt how to do exchanging. I really enjoyed D&T because we are making our own city! In science i found out a very interesting fact about chalk (the fact is Toothpaste contains a tiny amount of chalk.) I like doing P.S.H.E with Mrs Ghani because she is very funny. In science we learnt about the 3 types of rocks which are Sedimentary,Igneous and Metamorphic. In music we are learning how to play the recorder and i can play the recorder now,It’s so much fun. I am very happy at school. I’m looking forwards to know more things.


  6. In the Half term I have learnt how to do place Value and 3 rocks Sedimentary , metamorphic and Igneous rock.I have also learnt how to fold shapes and stand them up also I have learnt how to go onto different Websites and use them properly . I have also learnt how to play a Recorder properly .

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